The beautiful world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Article Updated – 17 March 2017

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Ceiling design of “Hive” bar

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a Cyber-punk themed multi-platform video game that was released on 2011. It was developed by Eidos Montreal.

Settings: Year 2027
The Architecture and Furniture designs on Deus Ex is unbelievably outstanding. This game pushes players to an immersive world of design oriented emphasis of a dystopian future. The design looks like it was done by high-level Architect / Designers; it looks like something that Sci-Arc students would have created. Since the game is in a cyber-punk / sci-fi settings, the design has to cope with the concept and integrity; You will be seeing numerous futuristic geometrical settings. EVERY settings and room in this game is well planned; the circulation; the floor plan; and the installation of furnitures. The settings also favored a yellow-orange atmosphere to keep the ambiance consistently between all environments.


Lighting design of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It is not just the Architecture and Furniture that stood out, but the fashion is also top-notch. The following image below shows the whole world revolving around a curvature and geometrical fashion with a kick of science-fiction. The level of graphical detail and thought-of-design in this game is astonishing. The details of fabric, railings, facades, ads, landscape, and luminescence is definitely in the top 10 greatest overall designs and design concept in video game history.


Eliza Cassan, the fictional character of Picus TV

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a must-play for future career designers and possibly, architecture students. The designs are definitely unique that creates a very immersive environment. They are ahead of time, and visiting the world will give A LOT of inspiration when it comes to designing.

Funtionalism and Potentiality:

Reading the book “A burglar’s guide to the city” further improves this game even further. The buildings and designs are not restrictive to just plain aesthetics. The buildings do show some intricate designing in terms of pathways and alternative approach in achieving missions. Multiple paths and explorations are encouraged, which breaks linearity. All-in-all, this game is a masterpiece.


I covered this similarly on my old website: Link

Architecture and Design Directional Emphasis:

Pros: Design +++ / Originality ++ / Conceptual Futurism ++ / Fashion emphasis +++/ Infrastructural possibilities ++ / Architectural knowledge (Classicism and Futurism) ++ / Ambiance +++ / Space Composition + / Intellectual Architecture ++ / Structural Knowledge +

So what do you think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? I want to hear your opinion about the Architecture and Design of this game. Comment below!

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