The Archaeological world of “Uncharted 3”

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Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_31 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_29 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_28 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_26 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_24  Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_22 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_20 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_19 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_18 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_17 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_16 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_15 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_14 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_13 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_12 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_11 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_10 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_9 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_8 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_7 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_5 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_3 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_39 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_38 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_37 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_36 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_34 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_33 Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_32

Uncharted is an adventure game that was developed by Naughty Dog. It was released on 2011 and has won almost 68 awards, including Game of the year.

Settings: London, Yemen, Colombia, France, England, Syria, Rub’ al khali, and Atlantis.

I currently do not have a capture card, so as a temporary measure, I will be posting screenshots of multiplayer maps to show off a glimpse of how intricate Uncharted’s Architectural details and historical precisions are. Uncharted is a very well-known video game that have millions of fans. Currently, there are Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss (which will be separate articles because of the vast details in each game). But there will be a new Uncharted coming out next year. “Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End” for the PS4.

What I want to point out with the Uncharted series is the beautiful historical Architecture that the game’s settings are located; from the streets of Colombia, to the chateau of France. This game is far-out stunning in terms of the sheer beauty of the Architectural details that are present. In terms of the themes and accuracy of Architecture details, they are pretty much spot on. The blue and gold theme of middle eastern Mosques and temples; correct color scheme of the Merdins of Turkey; The parts of a column, ranging from the frieze, shafts, flutes, abacus, and et al. The beaut of Uncharted is the relations of Architecure history and Archaeology.

Interestingly enough, one of the co-lead designer in Uncharted have left Naughty Dog studio to work for USC as a teacher for the school’s Interactive Media Division. (Gamastura) Quite an amazing achievement.

I also want to point out that the artifacts on the game are pretty spot on when it comes to the aesthetics of an artifact. I recently took an Archaeology class (Which is a transferable class to USC) and I have gotten great interest to become an archaeologist for my PhD (Still undecided, but an option). The glazing, the greenish-oxidized copper looks, the jade and gold slips are necessarily the real deal. I can sense that a lot of the details done on Uncharted have great mastery or knowledge in Anthropology. I applaud Naughty Dog for doing so.

Enamel Copper Vessel Treasure See the enamel gloss? with extra details such as cobalt, slip glazing, paint, and etc.

Uncharted 3_ Drake's Deception™_23

This article will be updated frequently due to the vast sheer amount of details and opinions that can be implemented in its designs and architecture.

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